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Vampire Fever game You're "viro", a ninja who fights against evil creatures! But instead of using conventional weapons, you spread a virus which only affects demons and the undead. vampire fever is a billiard-like physics game, which you control your character "viro" (instead of the cue ball) and try to infect the other creatures on the screen by touching them. The virus is very contagious, but it has one weakness: if two infected creature collide, they both heal. As you progress, you encounter with different creatures (vampires, mummies, ghosts, electric demons, chocolate demons, and many more) and artifacts (barrels, bombs, slicers, trees, portals, etc.) which have different properties and physical behaviours, which call for new strategies! There are three modes included: "main game" (with 120 levels), challenge mode (which include 6 arenas where you have to survive against a constant influx of enemies) and a level creator with the ability to save and load levels as passwords which can be easily shared by im, email, blog comments, etc.Game controls: click on viro and drag the mouse to set the strength and direction with which to launch him, and release the mouse button to launch. Use the buttons at the base of the play area to select (previously completed) levels, restart the level, pause the game (bringing up the pause menu) and set the audio volume. Full instructions are included within the game.
How to play & walkthrough: Move the witch by moving the mouse. Catch as many magic pets as you can before time runs out. To drop the hook, click and hold, releasing to reel in your catch. Fat pets take longer to reel in. It's possible to reel in more than one thing at a time! Avoid picking up anything that's not a magic pet. If you pick up 3 things that are not magic pets, your broom will lose power and you'll fall, ending your turn. Red Card Your opponent has the soccer ball at his feet. It's your job to take it from him - any way you can! Kick, tackle shoulder-barge or headbutt your opponent to the ground. The more red cards you collect, the better your score. What are you waiting for? Play the game now and wipe that smirk off your rival's face!
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Vampire Fever
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Vampire Fever Game

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